Wire Guide Blinds

Designed for stability and easy operation, wire guide blinds are perfect for patios, balconies, and outdoor dining areas

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Wire Guide Blind | Toowoomba


Wire Guide Blinds are modern, easy to use and offer great protection from the weather. These blinds are a practical way to enhance your windows or verandas for most environmental settings.

Wire Guide Blinds offer functionality, style and control, using stainless steel wire and fittings to feed in the weighted aluminium bottom rail of the blind. This allows precise movement and prevents unwanted warping or flapping, giving you the flexibility to stop the blind at any vertical position and withstand light to medium winds.

The fabric is available in a wide range of colours in canvas block out, or shade view material which comes in UV block out, but still enables you the luxury of seeing out of your covered area.

Wire Guide Blinds are perfect for:

  • Verandahs


  • Easy to use with both manual and motorised options
  • Withstands light to medium winds
  • Protection from the elements and harmful UV ray exposure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Wire Guide Blinds | Toowoomba